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BeeSupport, Amsterdam

International Beekeeping Congress Apimondia

The International Apimondia takes place every two years, each time in a different country.
Thousands of beekeepers, scientist, merchants and general public take part in it.

Lectures, workshops, exchange of knowledge and experience
For African beekeepers, Apimondia is almost the only means of personal communication with beekeepers of other countries. Beside attending lectures and workshops, participant can give a lecture themselves. This way the African beekeepers tell beekeepers from other countries about their working practice at home.
BeeSupport has the opportunity to meet beekeepers from Africa, who wish to develop beekeeping as a source of income for their community.

Exchange amongst Africans: ApiTrade Africa
Over the past years, the project coordinator of Kutsungirira Beekeeping Club in Zimbabwe, Michael Hlungwani, has visited the Netherlands several times and travelled from there to the Apimondia. meeting the other projectleaders and discussing their projects. They also took part in a workshop on rules and regulations in connection with export of honey to the European Union. This resulted in the founding of ApiTrade Africa. In the week following the Apimondia in Australia Michael and Miriro got the opportunity to gain practical experience on Kangeroo Island, in the apiaries of two master beekeepers.
Apimondia 2011 will be held in Buenos Aires, Brazil

Beekeeping for welfare and economic progress
Since 2001, Ellen Michaelis is on the Committee of Beekeeping for Rural Development. Members come from every continent. They make every effort to promote beekeeping as a source of income and welfare for the (rural) inhabitants of developing countries.

International Cooperation:
Probably the most discussed problem at the Apimondia: the loss of many bees, the so called 'Colony Collapse Disorder', is the greatest problem for beekeepers Worldwide. In the USA, this is 70 - 80% of the bee-population. Many possible causes are being investigated. Mutual contact about this is vital.

Trade fair and educational excursions
Alongside the congress the API Expo presents Exhibitors from many diversified domains:
beekeeping material/manufacturers and sales – producers, honey traders, bee products and cosmetics – equipment and beehive manufacturers –veterinary laboratories and bee related health care products – beekeeping federations – beekeeping techniques and innovative enterprises.
For relaxation and socialisation during this intense experience some educational excursions and cultural evening activities are organised for the participants. They can also visit local apiaries and honey processors.

This meeting is of great importance for all involved!