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The project will be implemented in Ethiopia, in Gurage zone, in a densely populated village called Gasure.
The village is located about 160 km west of the capital Addis Abbeba where 12 women will be trained as lead beekeepers. They will set an example for other women. The people in these villages live in huts put together in groups and form as such small communities. A family is ususally about six people or more.

In the village there is a visible difference between the roles en responsabilities of men and women. The background for this can be contributed to religious as well as cultural aspects within the community. Because the area, inspite of its potential, is extremely poor, the government has given highest priority to combat poverty. The encouragement of economic activities by women is therefore very welcomed. Experience in other african countries has shown that women, once given the chance to get trained, make very succesfull beekeepers, Beekeeping can be vey well combined with other jobs and taking care of the fanily


Once the training has been completed and well implemented, the women can form their own organization. Untill then we will carefully monitor the right way of executing and the continuity of the project in close cooperation with Addis Nigat Foundation and Emebet Beekeeping for Environment.
The person who will do the actual training will be responsible for the coordination. Being from the region, he speaks the local language and works for the local department of the Ministry of Agriculture. From this position and as a hobby beekeeper he has been promoting beekeeping in the surrounding villages.

In July all nessecary materials have been bought and the first training has started.

Projectmanager on the spot: Emebet Dejene.
Projectleader and fundraiser in the Netherlands: Els Geerts.